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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  May 22, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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closer in san francisco, how this weekend project which could be here that caused them quit their jobs. it is all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning, we are live in oakland this morning as police are investigating an unusual homicide this morning. a man run over by a car and a man said, that new information is coming up on this may information. good morning, i am dave clark. steve, what do you have for pam
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today? >> always the best. >> oh thank you, steve. >> you are welcome. very foggy visibility about 100 yards and it is flying inland and i will tell you history tells me, it is to the going to come through and san jose will be 56, and 76 which is downtown out pie reid hill and it will with and and they are headed to southern call northern why and they have napa and fairfield, and remember i
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don't take any darks out and they are in a sea breeze direction and for a peep some of that may come back coast and bay, 80s for some inland and a lot of 50s and 60s closer to coast and bay. traffic is moving along and the bay bridge toll plaza will be backed up for a 10 to 15 minute drive time i should say as you and as we worry about 'approach on 880, this traffic
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looks good passing the and if you are driving there an was and ware off to 6:02 let's go back to the desk. an unusual investigation after a man was run over by a car. here he is. somebody hit their and we have learned the victim was a 50- year-old man in oakland. the violence opened near the mercedes benzs dealership. around 9:30 last night apple are remain willing the door nor
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-- coroner has not released the names of the victim but if the suspect and the victim knew each other, there are some surveillance cameras that might show what happened and we will be looking at it to see if it provides any clues. anybody with information is urged to contact police. i am tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 morning news. time now 6:04 san jose police want your help, and all of this was captured on surveillance video. >> god mopping and here at the capital avenue he immediately
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started yell and cussing and they were not realizing what is happening inside. >> now, open the register right knew and they show a man walk into the liquor store with a shotgun, he strikes one of the customers in the face about the fun and she begins to hide. they end us up and there are people out here in the parking lot. >> everybody is packed up. >> seriously. >> when the robber left, he got into a silver toyota sedan
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driven by another suspect. somebody chased after him and tried to get the meet but the thief is described as a lat teen know or white man and he is five feet and he is 129 pounds apple say if you and and it is 40 9:47, china ktvu channel 2 morning news. and they had a one hour period and they carried out a search warrant at a home and arrested
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20-year-old dylan and one had been reported stole leap and they are connecting potential and christopher hubert is known as the pillowcase rapist. and during the the women calling themselves ladies of lakeland, to the courthouse they are and they are in a row moat area of los angeles county. >> whoever needs to stay in lock out. oop we don't want him where he is or anybody else is. >> he puts pillowcases over his victim's heads to muffel their screams. he is deciding their fate
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because his most recent crimes were in the bay area. time is now 6:07 happening today, a santa rosa woman is accused of grabbing a boy pie the throat and is due to appear in court. garcia went to olive bet and asked where she could find the boy. she is a caused of shoving him around warning him not to bother her daughter. police say they have not been able to confirm whether her daughter was bullied and say it is possible the woman confronted it. >> three teachers have caught it holding more than 50 donations in the catholic school and to a by by the
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teachings. they are worried they could be gay or having sexual relations outside of marriage or even -- marriage or using birth control. workers on the state state tore and they can't really extend that 31st deadline. however she can confirm that dead line to be extend the dam is top as people and driving in silence, up next, the message a
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cyclist tried to send about cyclists being killed on bay area streets. it looks good on the south bay and lots of low the lot and we'll see if they will warm up today into the weekend. i want you to know stuff i want you to be kind. i want you to be smart.
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. new this morning, thailand confirms a coup has taken place and they say rival groups failed to reach an agreement after months of government protests. they also suspended thailand's constitution. cyclists in the bay area joined others for an emotional move to silence. we were there when the police escort rode through the streets last night. >> moat lists really don't realize they have a right to the road and that's one of the intentions of the ride. >> richmond is one of many now working to make the streets
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safer for cyclists. your time is now 6:13 after being hit by a noon any -- muni train and after hitting him yesterday afternoon when for some reap he stepped out into the street. the train then hit him that caused critical injuries. hundreds of muni riders had opinion unfairly ticketed and the many riders say they tried to pay the $2 fair but they couldn't because readers were out of service. now if a reader is not working, they still have to pay with
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cash or use the second card reader. muni will lose 20 million a year and they a proved -- if they approved t- but they are stationery, they are responsible for the reason drop in crime and they are there to identify stolen cars and they are there because of privacy concerns. and now they are using very special technology to track customers but that's raising technology concerns. it allows facial technology to attract individual shoppers and they won't say which stores use it but the specialty retailer stores use it and they give
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information about customer's age, gender even the kind of mood they used put i still feel it is somewhat of an invasion of privacy. >> these track how often they visit a store and whether they buy anything. they are improving their customer service but privacy customers never gave permission. >> i was just reading online facebook will automatically soon detect what you are watching and listening to. what kind of society are we getting into. i am still going to facebook.
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i got a message on twitter i said tad that has been taken care of, everything is on time but i still appreciate when people send me all kind of tips and we still follow up for you. it is going every so slightly and we started off, it's now up to 19 minutes for the mcarthur maze, not a big commute so far and it is not a problem, nothing too bad. and earlier we had some problems. we had a slow down still off to a decent start. 6:17 let's go to steve. we have a lot of low clouds in place. 17 and 1900 feet, they are way
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up there and they are broken around 17 to 1300 feet. mainly it is up there, a low giving some rain by the way. san joaquin valley valley, and we have a lot of low clouds in place and that's making a good push, we will go sunny put mostly am if you are driving down there, you may encounter some rain from merced, areas south, they can definitely use some of that rain and by tomorrow it start to eject out. take your pick on the temperatures, it doesn't matter everybody is stuck to that low cloud deck, it is decent with
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gusts at fairfield, oakland, it is much stronger and our system is moving out heading south as it does april don't think the coast gets in on this over the next few days but the low will be moving out and then clearing back to the coast it might take a couple for some. you may and then it burns off and picks up. 50s and 60s and 20s, clear like, ukiah brentwood oak lay
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85, 80 in plenty and too much fog. february something on much of the coast. low clouds and fog especially as we go into the weekend and there will be some 90s well inland and we start a cooling trend for mostly next week. the u.s. labor department shows the latest filing new claims for unemployment and the total number of benefits as they posted recession lows. a report is issued earlier and it shows the u.s. unemployment rate has fallen to its lowest in seven years. they have the most valuable brand showing the brand value over 40% with the help of google glass and google's operating system. after a 3 year run, microsoft
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ran 3rd and 4th. a southern california woman held captive for ten years. >> it was destiny i guess. a san jose is hop norred after what she did, her -- honored for what she did, her quick actions saved the life of a newborn baby.
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. welcome back, it is near sedona in and it has quadrupled in size with 45 acres burned so far. hundreds have been evacuated and they are told be ready to leave. the cause of that fire is not known but it was likely started by a person not necessarily intentionally. it is known about the explosives used in the boston bombings. the two suspects used bombs or fuses made and they are making the remote control detonators.
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it used powder or fuel for the bombs which killed others and caused problems. a san jose woman has saved the life of an unborn baby. she was visiting texas last summer and was going to her own mother's funeral when she drove upon the scene of a rollover car crash. three people including a woman who was eight months pregnant had been thrown out of the car. the woman had a big gash in her stomach and could actually see part of the baby unborn arm and head. >> she kept asking me, ma'am, how is my baby and i thought she was referring to her toddler and she act the very
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shore r-- reacted very quickly. the baby's mother died but today emma lynn is alive and healthy. she flew to san jose to resent her -- present her with an award. they are trying to respond after they lost much of its power. they are on board for that drill and the owner of an ultralarge container for the unprecedented ship, the scenario was that its he engine failed. >> it means you can't steer it or put on the breaks and you can't stop it from going into the coastline. >> we always want it to be red i in the event there is a problem. >> they seemed up to prevent
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the 2007 fuel spill and johnson is the newest american idle. >> the 23-year-old beat out 17- year-old irene on last night's season 15 nailly and they will rear -- finale and he will receive a recording contract in august. 6:37 is the time honoring a politician and this appears to be released the harvey milk stamp. >> we will tell you why it's being closed down and why they are going after drivers. >> we are looking at a commute which is getting busier by the moment and we will look at the other spans. >> we have some low -- spans. we have some low clouds and
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we may have a few travel problems due to low clouds and we will be on the cool side. ♪ [ barks ] whoo! mmm! ♪ ♪ oh, yeah [ whistling ] [ male announcer ] discover your new orleans.
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. they are looking into a homicide in oakland and here and the driver hit a man with his car on purpose. tara moriarty is out there with getting the details and she will tell us what police say happened right before that man was run over, stay tuned. this is thursday, may 22nd may 22nd, i am dave clark. >> let's check in with steve for a look at the weather. >> in fact fso said there may
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be a problem, i have been fighting this all week and we do have that system moving south and it will give us a cool day, with a lot of low clouds in place. mostly cool mild to warm and we are getting into that summertime pattern and low clouds are making it into that pattern and eventually when you get this much, the breeze has been pretty decent for some and they have gusts out of travis and i am going to send it to sal, 60s and #0s and 80 -- 70s and 80s, here he is. he is going to keep an eye
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on it, it really depends and we will take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza and we watch cars with your computer here and the traffic is about a 25 minute delay drive time and there are no major problems getting on to the bridge. getting on to the san mateo bridge from the hayward to foster city, it is not too bad when you get there. we had a dirt spill so it ended up to the being gravel and it really will not damage your car, so down to pleasanton, let's go back to the desk. a very unusual homicide case, a man was shot and killed
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and tell us more about this homicide investigation, tara? >> reporter: witnesses say a man was hit by a car on purpose right behind this shop and the victim is described as a 50- year-old from oakland. the violence unfolded on the corner of the mercedes benzs dealership. two people got into a fight and the suspect got into a car and intentionally ran over the man. police are remaining tight- lipped and they have provided a description of the car and there are some surveillance cameras which might so what happened happened and meanwhile
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and live in oakland ktvu channel 2 morning news. he suffered during a violent protest last night. the officer was struck in the head with a bottle while responding to a call in east salinas. he was performing cpr when he was attacked. the car attacked broken bottle attacks. and they were protesting two deadly police shootings in the cell lean that is area in the past two weeks. they are looking into officer up involve. the same one with an officer involved shooting, he was shot and kill after drawing a stungun which was mistaken for
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a real gun. many are still under review. a high school student is accused of bringing a replica gun. they called them and police officers surrounded that school and redwood high school which is nearby. police arrested lorenzo anthony brakes of sol alito. and now drivers are gearing up for a potential traffic nightmare. they are at the start of 280 with the warning he just got 90 minutes ago. good morning to you, chp is bracing for some backups and this is a popular way to get into the downtown area, a lot of times they will hop on here at kings street. this weekend you may want to find another way to go, i
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should say especially letting people know southbound 208 lines will close. this closure will last with the freeway opening up tuesday morning. the giants are playing at at&t park every day of the weekend and that means extra officers will be on hand doing traffic control to ease congestion and help out confused drivers and drivers will need to be patient during this time. watch out for violations and we just ask, it is going to be a and it we just hope they can deal with a frustrating time. they will allow
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construction crews to didn't polish bartz -- demolish parts of 208 and this is just the beginning and there will be more closures on 280 and more will be shut down over the weekend and the labor day weekend weekend as well. it begins tonight at 11:00 and goes early 5:00 a.m. and shows chp. live this morning in san francisco, alex savage ktvu channel 2 morning news. an outpouring of greed, a girl was supposed to go to her high school prom this weekend. they gathered in san leandro remembering britney silva who was walking across the train tracks right next to her home. police say she was wearing ear buds, she didn't here or see
6:38 am
that train coming. one classmate saw that one dealing with her loss. >> we were all here because somewhere, somehow we were all touched by the kind of person she was. >> they are now trying to raise enough money for her. they are creating to make a park name being it after jenna betty hit by a train in march. most of the area supports the park but the homeowner association deny is the request and they are suggesting they rename an existing park instead. they still have to raise up to $40,000 instead for the project. they are saying a new post
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and stamp and we have a previous how of what that stamp looks like. and we are live in front of the castro district post office where there will be a small ceremony and many will be in attendance when the post office opens. we want to go to where the image was taken by milk good friend daniel in front of castro's store which was run by milk. milk turned it into a social center and they say they marked the home of the gay rights' movement and they released a statement saying in part he was a visionary leader of the community and to keep him, the
6:40 am
screen writer who wrote about harvey milk's life, he won a seat on the board of san francisco and his life tragically ended less than a year later. coming up, we of course will have reaction to the harvey milk stamp, brian flores, ktvu channel 2 morning news. time now 6:40 catholic school teachers are a perioding by a morality claws. the new fall out, how it could mean less money for schools. frightening moments for customers as a gunman enters a store, we will show you what happens next on a surveillance video and we will tell you how you can help police. good morning, we are still looking at a nice commute and you can tell by looking at this and we will tell you more about
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the drive times here straight ahead. lots of pictures being sent in. 50s on the temperatures and warmer for some, we'll see how it is broken down for the weekend as well.
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right here. my parents were immigrants. and they taught me that with hard work, anything is possible. i earned a scholarship to mit. and worked across party lines to get things done. i'm alex padilla. i'll protect voting rights for everyone. and make it easier to start a business. so we create jobs and opportunity for all californians. what should we order? (announcer) alex padilla. secretary of state. . welcome back. san jose police want your
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help. now the robbery was all captured on on camera and tara moriarty joins us with this video police want everybody to see and they are hoping it leads to an arrest. >> reporter: it opens in the next hour and a half and it is located near this area and shows the rob better yelling and swearing at everybody but police have not found the suspect which is why they are releasing the video. >> open the register right now, now! >> the surveillance shows a dark hooded man with a shotgun yelling at everybody to get on the ground and whacked one of the customers in the face with a gun making him get on the ground. gunman demanded the clerk open
6:45 am
the register and she did not want to be identified out of fear. >> i opened the register and ran on that side and he tried to grab it but he could not grabbed it but then he go get me over there to come back. >> give to me, then! >> the robber ends up grabbing the cash and runs into a silver looking set tap. he weighs 160 to 190 pounds. if you recognize the thief or have any sort of information call crime stoppers and leave an month mouse tip 94 -- -- anonymous tip. janine de la vega ktvu channel
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2 morning news. we are finding out about the horrifying ordeal who was kidnapped by her mother's boyfriend. she was just fish when she was kidnapped back in 2004. garcia she used fake i.d. her family said she would be departed if she ever tried to leave but she finally had the courage to contact her sister on facebook. >> there are people who take control of people's lives especially somebody who comes from a different country which is 15 years old. >> add sew case say there are many cases of a because and violence which go unreported because victims are too afraid. victims who cooperate with police don't have to fear being
6:47 am
deported and they can qualified for a -- qualify for a special visa. here is a look at what is coming up on mornings on 2. coming up on morning's on 2. the fog spreads out from the central valley and it's becoming more rare. this may be great news for drivers. however dreamed about it. how can you have a shot with luke sky walker for only 10 bucks, those coming up on mornings on 20 t, now getting back to the morning news. time now 6:47 sal has our
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attention, a lot is going on and it is not too bad, it now comes to what you might expect and there are delays as to what is building highway 4, we have the sun is not our friend and you can tell what is going on. 6 minute drive, remember, that is a short distance to do that slow traffic as you come up to concord, it is beginning at 242 as you head there, just inside of the walnut creek border and traffic here does move okay. east bay, i want to focus on that and that was packed upcoming in from the city
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mclaren beyond parkings we built this city and chad from visitation valley and there is plenty to go around and if you are watching those in fresno, central valley and southern california, they are over in passive can, mostly sunny cool, mild to warm, there is too much fog and too much of a westerly president, and it is not that warm and it will be warmer towards east san jose. i she said it was three- quarters of an inch of rain and it looks like it's clearing out and there are those heading out also in central and a few,
6:50 am
rifles do get impacts and it is out towards concord and me canon and with that all in place, you will start to move into the four corners and this time of year, humidity and nothing come bear of what we saw and the warmest tie looks to be on sunday. it will still da shall one the breeze usually picks up, it is
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definitely a sea breeze. 6 and manically 70s, very low and gilroy being and 60s or 70s on the peninsular and in the city and that's a solly and the inland and that's a pit. >> 6:51 comments about a beached baby whale. also tracking drivers, they are planning to take pictures of car license plates and what
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. happening today, the house of representatives in washington they will end the bulk collection of american phone records. the u.s.a. freedom records is proposed by president barack obama. it would stop the nsa of
6:55 am
collecting records of almost every american landline telephone. instead they will hold on for 18 months and allow them to search them in terrorist investigations if they get an order from a judge. a fair officials have been talked about, at vr medical areas. they are accused of not responding to a subpoena he issued. they talked about a destruction of of a weight lift in phoenix arizona. -- waist list in phoenix arizona. a congressional aid plans on compensating victims which could be released in a few weeks. it will be released and has
6:56 am
been linked to thirteen deaths and the recall of three cars. hackers broke into its network and now those records it said they had no reason to believe the passwords had been broken into it but it could be the biggest security breach in u.s. history. they are pushing for more at silicone valley on facebook's shareholders' meeting. members of the coalition went to ebay and at google. they are pushing high tech companies to a point them to
6:57 am
board positions. and google announced it would at reverend jackson and they were asked to do the same. >> the teachers are demanding better pay and they want more librarians. they just learned teachers will come to class after the demonstration. and in just a couple of minutes, they are due to find out if bay area beaches are among the most polluted areas in the state. most poll looted -- polluted beaches are along the state and they had an f ratings which would take place at the chrissy
6:58 am
field. they are jointed by and no word on whether the whale will be moved and now scientists say it could float out on it's open. still coming up on mornings on 2, a car turned into a deadly weapon and they turned it into a deadly attack near an east bay car dealership. the holiday weekend project could be a preview of a permanent closure, stay with us.
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>> reporter: oakland police are looking for the person who ran over a man on purpose, killing him. we'll tell you what clues police are using to track down the killer. open the register right now. >> a manhunt is underway for a man who stormed and then robbed a south bay convenience store. the aspects of this violent crime that make it particularly bold. very big fog bank with r


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